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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Casual Manual

Feeling a but 'off' fashion-wise? 

Here are some casual staples perfect for:

Fat days
Stressed days
Laundry days

Nothing screams casual like an ironic t-shirt (ironic for me because I am the only person in my family/the world who hasn't been to New York- as you can tell i'm over it...!) Any type of irony will suffice e.g. a t-shirt that says 'i'm with stupid' on exam day.

Houndstooth skirt because it was GENUINELY the only thing left in my wardrobe that wasn't unsuitable for the eyes of young children and the elderly (i believe that children are the future). Any random patterned bottom will do here...there are no boundaries.

Oh and stupidly high Aldo Mary-Janes (to make yourself feel better about the shocker of an outfit that you've put together)

'Bad-girl' pose

Cheeky kiss

And there you have it! Your guide to fooling the world into thinking you look stylish when you know the truth.


  1. Love it babe!!!

  2. Lovely! Really. Lol at the last pic


  3. shoes <3

    pastelnude.blogspot.com -- check it out :D