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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Playsuit playdate...

So yeah, I'm supposed to be doing something productive but erm yeah....i'm not - i'm blogging instead!

 I've been looking for a playsuit for the longest time. I finally found this little cutie which is my favourite colour (floral). 

I think you'll agree it aint too shabby for a Matalan purchase. Only problem is my *cough* budunk-a-dunk *cough* that is, my rather ample derriere makes it rather snug shall we say and a trial run in the daytime caused quite a stir amongst the unsuspecting residents of my London Borough....

I shall be keeping this one for night-time occasions and wearing with tights me-thinks.

These are my foraging in the forest pictures. Bear in mind I live in London the closest I get to ACTUAL forest is the basil pot-plant that my flatmate is trying (and failing) to grow so no judgment please on the lack of 'foresty' looking foliage in the background!

Playsuit: Matalan
Blazer: Mum's
Pearls: Assorted
Shoes: Carvela
Hair-swooshing excitement: Early British Summertime

OK - now back to the grind....

Lashings of lovings
and don't talk to strangers!

xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx


  1. You look great. I want a playsuit myself. Haha on the romp; they should keep looking hehe


  2. Liking the playsuit and your writing is frikkin' hilarious! LOL

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  3. first time here, nice blog

  4. Love this romper & blazer!