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Friday, 22 April 2011

Guess who's back.....back again?

So it's been like forever right?

Well, forever resulted in:

1 fantastic holiday
1 new afro-chicy hairstyle
2 major sibling fights
2 pineapple and watermelon fruit medleys
3 mosquito bites (ON THE FACE - the little blighters)
3 different states
3 badass women that reminded me where I get my 'fly' genes from - shout outs to Grandma!
5 tubers of yam ingested (AT LEAST)
22 'official' cousins and several extras
300 over excited family photos - some of which I may show to you guys (if you're nice to me)

And a cornucopia of wondrous memories- wish I was back (sad face) but the lack of internet connection that comes with rural life would mean I would never get to see you guys...and we can't have that can we!!!

Thankfully the Naij/London transition hasn't been too shabby, I clearly brought the sun back with me which means only one thing......FLORALS!!!!!

All of these pieces are vintage
Except the sandals which are from Matalan
Earrings: Topshop

I came back to some new followers - howdy!

Lashings of Lovings!!!

xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx


  1. seems like you had a lot of fun in Nigeria, as is expected :D
    Love the outfit. that skirt is just so gorgeous! - Lola x

  2. that skirt is right up my alley! I keep meaning to do more thrifting and vintage shopping.

  3. I love your hair like this and with the skirt and crop top....you look so pretty!

  4. You look great. Welcome back. Glad you had fun :D


  5. Welcome back babe! Love the hair and the skirt!


  6. babe you are to die for. love it xxxx

  7. Thanks guys! That skirt hides a multitude of un-toned tummy sins. Win-win really!