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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Focus on menswear...

Now, I like boys just as much as the next girl, although I have to say that I probably like clothes more. Now whilst some girls dream of sailors and police officers, I dream of a man who teeters on the edge of meterosexual but still with a rugged edge and maybe some stubble and an axe or something. I do like a boy to take pride in the way he looks and have often been caught staring shamelessly at men on the tube, not thinking phwoar look at those 'guns' (muscular arms) or check out that million dollar smile but rather check out the tweed jacket on that bad-boy or I wonder where he got that satchel from because I want one. It ALWAYS gets really awkward when they try and wink back though because you have to run away on to the central line when you are really trying to get to Stockwell....alas, if only I had self control.

In honour of my embarassing tube journeys, i have put together a list of my favourite menswear pieces that I have spotted around town.

A nice suit....

A cute little man bag

A nice pair of shoes- i spotted on a little fashionista I have befriended.

A snug chunky knit

A sexy trench....

That's all folks.....

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