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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

All I did was ask you to fix my shoes...

Just a quick rant...

People in the customer services industry should not be in that industry if they don't like human beings, this goes for:

  • taxi drivers
  • locksmiths
  • Retail managers
  • Customer services assistants
  • Cabin crew
  • Anybody employed in any establishment in or around the Elephant and Castle area
  • Russian Costa Coffee baristas (particularly as you are in direct competition with the extra friendly Pret staff)
  • Call centre agents - particularly those involved with telephone companies or internet
  • Shoe Repairmen 
I wouldn't mind, i'm a friendly girl and I do understand the horrors of retail but do not be rude to me because you are upset with your life. We all have things going on. If I now decide to cock my head to the side, put on a Nigerian accent, remove my earrings, take off my shoes, hitch up my skirt, assume the Mike Tyson stance, tell you about your life and THEN give you the 'People's elbow' they will send ME to prison and not you. Nobody will ask me why you decided to serve me uncooked porridge or not fix my shoes when you said you would or charge me an exorbitant amount of money to drive 3 yards. DO NOT LET THE PLEASE AND THANK YOU's FOOL YOU, i am from Benin City Nigeria.

You are just lucky I like law more than i don't like you....

Now I am going to have to buy new shoes...


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  1. HAHA! Just a little rant eh?

    Btw, I know all of this is just an excuse to buy new shoes, no?