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Friday, 24 June 2011

A fashion moment

So about once every 18 months African clothes have what I like to call a 'fashion moment'. It's all the rage whilst everybody watches the World Cup or when a Kardashian is spotted in a moderately coloured tribal print dress. Thing is, some of us genuinely just have this stuff in our wardrobes mainly because auntie Tola/Nneka/ Eghiosa thought we should rediscover our roots and have thus commissioned a tailor to make one 'fiiiiiiiine' dress. And you know that awkward moment when said auntie finally reveals a slightly too big, slightly too long, slightly too poofy 'dress' and as you accept you begin to frantically rack your brain trying to think where you kept your needle and thread.....and make excuses to leave the room before the conversation ensues about why you don't speak igbo #awkward!

I vowed it would never happen to me again so in April I actually went with my auntie in Nigeria to get measured and put forward my ideas for a dress that I am wearing to a wedding this summer. The left over fabric was used to make a really pretty skirt!

Burberry's Fashion Moment

Aldo's fashion moment

Solange's Bangle moment...gotta love that bangle

My version...


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  2. I have those shoes! They're amazing and comfy once broken in a bit :) Also you skirt is really nice- love the outfit xx

  3. Love it! Love how you give hope to the blind or those getting dressed in low-lighting conditions. Love it! You're so beaurriful too! Love it!

  4. Love this outfit! The skirt is lovely!


  5. Very cute outfit hun, the ankara skirt is gorgeous! Now following :)


  6. You have such great style. Love you skirt..ain't no fabric like ankara fabric..You remind me so much of my dear friend uche lol just ignore me
    lovin the blog