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Monday, 11 July 2011


Howdy doody-doos guys,

It's been a hot minute y'all but I've missed ya f'real yo! Now, you may be wondering why i'm speaking to you like Lil John or 50 cent's brother. I'll tell you why. A few of my friends have decided that I am Spirit Jones from the hit US sitcom One on One (yeah I still fancy Arnez). As a fan of the show and of Spirit herself, I immediately took this as a compliment. Who wouldn't? She was super-duper cool, had all the best jokes what I thought at the time was AMAZING hair. On closer inspection however, which mainly consisted of Google images searches I realised that maybe I didn't want to be quite so affiliated with my favourite character. Check out that print....

It's outfits like this that inspire their comments 

I think they're just rude to be honest....

Lashings of lovings and don't talk to strangers, especially if they have sweets...

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  1. Lol!! I don't know the show though but i like the look

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